Metal Ceilings

Metal Ceilings

Product Code: MC-001


The ceiling offers a variety of configurations and depths that can be customize to fit most 15mm suspension systems. The baffles are designed to shield the vertical portion of the suspension system from the view, and blend in with the suspension system creating a monolithic effect. The panel still allows 100% plenum accessibility with the simple lift and shift.

Metal ceilings are popular for many reasons. They are no longer lasting and more easily maintained than other materials; they won’t crack, peel, flake, or drop chunks on the floor; they are richly ornamental and decorative; and there is a far greater styles than almost any other type of ceiling. They also serve a variety of practical functions, including sound absorption, sanitation, beautification, and security.

Ceiling panels comes in a variety of patterns, colors, sizes and finishes, including tin, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, chrome, and powder coated finishes to harmonize with any design scheme.

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