Robust Rolling Doors

Robust Rolling Doors

Product Code: RRD-001


We offer superior quality robust rolling doors which are ideal for very high and wide door openings. Our robust doors are strong and they are used in various residential as well as commercial spaces. These doors are automatic and they require lesser maintenance. WE are among the leading robust rolling door manufacturers in Dubai and the rolling doors that we provide are the best in the market.


The doors that we provide are of three types- the first type is single-walled and these come without insulation. The width of these doors is 14m and these are maritime climate resistant doors. The second type is double walled and these come with insulation. The individual width of these doors is 20m size up to 6000mm x 6000mm. These are built with an intelligent rolling system, that is, the drive and tube roller in horizontal guides move away from the lintel during opening and towards it during closing. The third type is double walled and these are insulated. The individual width of these doors is 9m. The intelligent rolling system in these doors is optional.


Our products are unmatched and we do not disappoint our clients at any cost. We make sure that we constantly innovate while manufacturing and designing our products. Our robust rolling doors are not just strong with exemplary features, but these come in different textures and looks. You can place your orders for our robust rolling doors. We ensure the delivery of orders on time and without any inconveniences.

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