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  • Handrails / Balustrades

    Handrails / Balustrades

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  • Personnel Doors

    Personnel Doors

    We offer a wide range of personnel doors which are suitable for different kinds of clients. We provide a complete range of single ...

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  • Fire Doors

    Fire Doors

    We manufacture high-quality fire doors which are useful in resisting fire in any building or structure. Our fire doors are availab...

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  • Clean Room Doors

    Clean Room Doors

    Flush door sets has no visible construction lines and therefore allow a totally clean surface which reduces particle contamination...

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  • Access Panels

    Access Panels

    We offer strong and durable access panels, which are suitable for different kinds of purposes. Our access doors and frames are ava...

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  • Insulated Doors

    Insulated Doors

    We manufacture doors with high insulation to make your home or office more comfortable. We offer a full range of insulated doors t...

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  • Acoustic Doors

    Acoustic Doors

    A complete range of single and double door sets to suit performance requirements up to RW49 and 120min fire integrity to suit Cine...

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  • Security Doors

    Security Doors

    Security from intruder attack is gained through the addition of a range of features, designed in conjunction with Police, Insuranc...

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  • Bullet Resistance Doors & Windows

    Bullet Resistance Doors & Windows

    These doors are secured from ballistic attack yet have the appearance of standard hollow metal products. Our complete range of bul...

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  • Blast Proof Doors

    Blast Proof Doors

    The Blast Proof Door is designed to protect human life from any accidental explosions that may occur in petrochemical plants or in...

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  • Detention Doors & Screen

    Detention Doors & Screen

    MTECH offers full range of security cell grills designed to meet the international standard requirements for the Detention Product...

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  • Sliding Security Doors

    Sliding Security Doors

    This door provides security for persons and goods in areas like Mass Marketing, Industrial Storage and Parking lots.  

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  • Window, Door & Screening

    Window, Door & Screening

    Screens are designed to satisfy fire protection, security considerations and protect against the influences of weathering. It sati...

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  • Galazed Doors

    Galazed Doors

    We are among the topmost glazed door manufacturers in Dubai. Our superior quality glazed doors serve different purposes in various...

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  • Industrial Sectional Door

    Industrial Sectional Door

    We provide excellent industrial sectional doors which are strong and durable. These doors fit in different industrial spaces and a...

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  • Exquisite Sectional Garage Door

    Exquisite Sectional Garage Door

    We offer exquisite sectional garage doors at affordable rates. The doors that we provide are of superior quality, which are ideal ...

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  • Robust Rolling Doors

    Robust Rolling Doors

    We offer superior quality robust rolling doors which are ideal for very high and wide door openings. Our robust doors are strong a...

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  • Burglar-Resistant Rolling Grid

    Burglar-Resistant Rolling Grid

    Rolling grid consisting of elegant, perforated, strainer-like perforated slats. Made of aluminium or steel. Max. individual width:...

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  • Folding Door

    Folding Door

    The solution for low lintel heights. Optionally open and close to the outside or inside. Optionally with high-speed drive or even ...

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  • High Speed Door

    High Speed Door

    For smooth transport and production flow, suitable also for conveyor belt systems and as partitions between individual areas or de...

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  • Continuous Profile Roll-Up Doors

    Continuous Profile Roll-Up Doors

    Roller Shutters are mainly used in external areas which requires more security from theft and there will be rapid usage. These shu...

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  • Sliding / Swing Doors

    Sliding / Swing Doors

    Entrance areas of a considerable size can be secured.The doors are ofcourse operated by electric motors and can, forexample, be co...

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  • Traffic Barriers

    Traffic Barriers

    We offer superior quality traffic barriers suitable to control traffic on sites of construction, road repairing, digging drains et...

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  • Metal Ceilings

    Metal Ceilings

    The ceiling offers a variety of configurations and depths that can be customize to fit most 15mm suspension systems. The baffles a...

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  • Metal Cladding

    Metal Cladding

    The claddings are manufactured in Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Composite Panels, also available in different metal and finishe...

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  • Canopies/Claddings


    MTECH provides superior quality main entrance canopies, which is a mild steel framework cladded by steel, stainless steel or alumi...

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  • Handrails/Balustrades


    MTECH range of satin or mirror finished stainless steel handrail systems are a distinctive, warm and spacious addition to any shop...

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